Laura Savini

Laura Savini launched Untamed Hair Productions & Consulting, in June 2011 with the goal of combining her energy, business skills, marketing creativity and on-air hosting to be a one stop shop for music and television projects. Her major client is Connecticut Public Broadcasting. In the first month of her new venture she was hired by PBS to produce pledge breaks for and interviews with Paul Simon. She was retained by Italian rock star Zucherro and Universal Decca to work on the Fall 2011 release of his new cd, Chocabeck. She was also tapped by skin care and cosmes-eutical star Dr. Adrienne Denese for the relaunch of her public television projects. And that was just the first couple of months . . .

June of 2012 saw the launch of the music series Infinity Hall Live that she executive produces at CPTV. Within that series is the breakout special with supergroup Wilson Phillips Live from Infinity Hall airing nationally.

Laura Savini/Untamed Hair Productions was asked by Universal Decca to produce and host Meet the Artist: Milos for commercial television broadcast. The 30-minute program introduces this extraordinary young classical guitar player and this style of music in a hip, comfortable way.  This gorgeous chat show is loaded with Milos’ sexy and smart performances and engaging talk that will leave viewers wanting more Milos and more Meet the Artist.  Decca Label Group is so thrilled with the production that they will be airing it internationally and are looking for a public television release. Meet the Artist: Milos is a co production with Westpaw Films. Filmed at The Bowery Hotel, NYC.   The programming is airing Summer/Fall 2012.

On the other side of the camera, she is a sought-after host and interviewer. She is the on-air host for WLIW New York, and a host for WNET and NJTV. She hosts many pledge breaks seen on public television stations nationwide. For ten years she was the host of the weekly New York arts programs Ticket and MetroGuide. Allegedly, she has interviewed “just about everyone.”

In September 2011, Laura checked another item off her bucket list as the host of a live broadcast of a Fifth Avenue parade – the German-American Steuben Parade for WNET/ Channel Thirteen.

Besides her on-air television worked that has endeared her to New York and national audiences, Ms. Savini has earned a national reputation in the public television and entertainment industries for her savvy in launching artists and new programs on public television, including rock violinist David Garrett, financial expert Robert Kiyosaki and the recent Emmy-winning comeback for Mitzi Gaynor. Ms. Savini develops and markets new national programs for public television. In 2010 she won a New York Emmy as executive producer for Music of Ireland – Welcome Home.

In 2010 she also executive produced two concert specials with former Celtic Woman, Orla Fallon and a concert with crooner Matt Dusk, and for PBS, the 4Troops concert special. She generated more than half a million in production fees in four months. She was instrumental in the marketing and fundraising success of the 22-episode national Visions series for PBS. Ms. Savini sold the sponsorship for Visions of Italy: Northern Style, the most popular in the series and one of the only episodes with a corporate sponsor, Palm Bay Imports.

Sell out Madison Square Garden? No problem! In 2009, Ms. Savini was part of a three-person team that was responsible for the business and marketing plan and the project execution for The Police’s final concert. Ticket prices ranged from $10,000 to $50 per seat. The project netted $1,000,000 for WNET New York Public Television. Ms. Savini has been the promoter of several other concerts in New York City and Long Island venues leading up to this tour de force.

For 16 years she was the Vice President of Marketing and Communications for WLIW21 New York, a WNET station, responsible for raising $6 million each year on air for WLIW21 during on-air fundraising drives. In prior years before the station merger, $10 million was her goal, with revenues generated through her management of on-air fundraising, special events, direct mail, telemarketing and underwriting.

At WLIW her responsibilities have included managing the marketing, public relations, graphics, education, events, volunteer services, underwriting, membership (i.e. direct mail and telemarketing) and government relations. She was also part of the team that created PEP, Pledge Enhancement Programming, the national fundraising programming distribution conduit--second only to PBS’s distribution model. She supported that project by acquiring and developing programming, and consulting on the program lineup and marketing for the three yearly packages. She also managed the production of and hosted the national pledge breaks.

She soup-to-nuts created and launched a children’s literacy event, WLIW Reading FunDay. Celebrities including Cyndi Lauper and Darlene Love read to children, drawing crowds of thousands and tremendous media coverage for the station. The event sponsorships netted a profit for the station and it became a much anticipated tradition, with three events a year: New York City (South Street Seaport), Roosevelt Field Mall Long Island and a third alternating years in Westchester or Connecticut. More than 30,000 showed up at the last WLIW Reading FunDay, forcing security to turn people away!

Ms. Savini is a board member of the Long Island Arts Alliance and serves on the gala committee for the Nassau County Museum of Art. She served on the honorary committee for the Gold Coast Film Festival and she will be the keynote speaker at the Alzheimer’s Association Long Island Chapter annual conference in March 2012.

In 2001 she was one of only seven American women invited to participate in Global Forum: Women and Power, held by the Women’s Federation for World Peace, as a guest of Taiwan’s then Vice President Annette Lu. The goal of the conference was to promote gender equality that transcends national borders. In 2003, Ms. Savini was the recipient of the European-American Women’s Council Artemis Award in Athens, Greece, in recognition of involvement in WLIW21’s productions promoting Greek-American relations.

Her professional life has cultivated within her a passion for travel and culture, both of which she approaches with ease and a sense of adventure.

Laura Savini is married to Jimmy Webb, the Grammy-winning composer and chairman of the national Songwriters’ Hall of Fame.